About us


The Foundation Colores de México is a foundation based in The Netherlands aiming at promoting the Mexican Culture.

We work without comercial goals and we aim to provide activities of high quality and authenticity. In our activities you will find little of those activities or products that have already been comercialised. On the contrary, we try to inform our audience about the cultural aspects that have not yet been adapted to a comercial environment or at least provide them with a diferent context.

We are taking care to give all Mexican (native) ethnicities their recognition and value for their customs, traditions and artwork. Whenever posible we try to return to the fundaments by having direct contact with these native people and if possible to support them a little by investing in authentic products produced by them. Because thse traditions and products of these native ethnicities is largely unknown by our audience, we see a large task of firstly informing our audience and giving them a chance to get introduced to this rich part of the Mexican culture. In this way we hope that the recognition and appreciation for their cultures and artworks will increase. Furthermore we hope that this effort will in time flow back towards these native ethnicities in a positive way.

You can read more about the Foundation and our objectives and mission in these pages.